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Our Approach

We Make It Easy

We take a three-phase approach to podcast production, collaborating with your team at every step:


We will collaborate with you to identify key topics to address and the foremost voices to speak to them.


We will coordinate the logistics of recording with guests, editing & sounds design.


We will collaborate with your PR/ Marketing team for launch and handle post-production logistics.

Why Snack

10 Million+ Downloads

With a proven track record in podcast production and the creators of the award-winning Sickboy podcast, our expertise in storytelling, production quality, and audience engagement will make your podcast stand out in a competitive landscape. We leverage our established relationships with distribution platforms such as Apple Podcasts, eOne, Corus, Rogers, and our work with CBC to promote your show and reach a wider audience.

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With a shared vision for creating captivating and impactful audio content, we've built a strong foundation in podcast production. Our unique blend of expertise, creativity, and dedication ensures that your organization's story is told in the most engaging and inspiring way possible.

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Join forces with Snack Labs to craft a captivating podcast that resonates with your audience and amplifies your mission. Click below to start our exciting collaboration!

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Award-Winning Podcast Production